The Infinite Loop

Starting in April 2015 at IDW Publishing, The Infinite Loop is a science fiction comicbook that tells us about true love, the unlikelihood of ever finding it, and the struggle for living it in the open despite a society that rejects it and considers it an anomaly.

Ano, that’s precisely the name of the girl born from a time paradox accident that Teddy, a time paradoxes « hunter », is supposed to eliminate. But what if this beautiful creature were in fact her true love ?

With The Infinite Loop, Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier delve into the moral choice that many members of LBGT community had or will have to face in their lives. Should they be living hidden in a temporo-spatial void as if nothing had happened, or get themselves out there and fight for martyrs of homophobia and true love ?

The two authors are very sensitive to the LGBT cause and to the fight led by this communauty’s representatives (the book is packed with references to the history of the LGBT movement). They succeed in giving a message of hope from an original and new angle, while developing two very sweet and full of humanity heroines.

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