Superhero Girl #23

Ce n’est qu’un au revoir. Dans moins de 24 heures je serai devenu Robert Le Déménageur, et pendant les quelques jours qui vont suivre,  le blog  va tourner au ralenti. Mais pas de panique, dès que j’ai monté mon nouveau bureau, (il est tout rikiki par rapport à celui que j’ai actuellement, peut être que ça va m’inciter à poser moins de bordel dessus !), et que le transfert de ligne est effectué, on repart de plus belle ! En attendant j’essaierai de poster dès que l’occasion m’en sera donnée (je vais pas vous lâcher dans la nature comme ça les enfants), souhaitez-moi bonne chance parce que je vais en avoir besoin !

This might seem like an untimely comic, but I live in Halifax, and this is typical weather for late March/early April. Seriously. We had snow last weekend. SIIIIGH.
Anyway. I’ve often wondered about the effect of crappy weather on crime statistics. I mean, if I was a burgeoning supervillain, intent on committing my first crime, and I looked out the window and saw snow coming down hard, I might wait for spring to start my villainy.
There’s a new supervillain in town and only Superhero Girl can stop him!! Will she be able to triumph against this adversary??? (She’d better.)

I think a lot about timing when I write and draw The Adventures of Superhero Girl. I think this strip is a good example of how pauses can make a comic a lot funnier than it actually is. That one pause in the 5th panel where the « victim » is welling up with tears still cracks me up. I remember as a much younger and less experienced art-person being put off by comic strips that didn’t have a final one-two punchline (first punchline: amusing! second punchline: the actual funny one, usually in response to the first punchline. It was weird how it well it worked). Later, as a more mature and developed artist I’ve learned that comics don’t have to follow beats in order to be funny (I’m thinking of Kate Beaton’s work, and a lot of other online comics that don’t use any kind of conventional timing, but manage to be pretty damn funny throughout all their panels, not just the final panel), but I still like timing a lot, and try to stretch myself to make it work when I feel it should be a part of the comic.
Anyway! I hope you have been amused by this peek into the Artists’ Process. We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.
Superhero Girl est le webcomic fantastique de Faith Erin Hicks.

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