Superhero Girl # 22

Mes aïeux, déjà lundi soir,  et plein de reviews à faire, un méga dossier à continuer, quelques news à relayer (mais bon allez plutôt sur Comics Blog ou sur Generation Strange, ça ira plus vite !) et un déménagement à gérer ! God ! Que la vie est tendue parfois !

Oh hey, it’s Christmas in Superhero Girl-land! Yeah. Y’see, these comics were drawn a few months ago, around Christmas-time actually, and only now are they being posted online. So there’s a bit of a delay. Just when you thought you were finally escaping winter it drags you back in, muahahah!

Superhero Girl’s a charitable sort, dreaming about banding together with her former foes to defeat an even larger menace. But then, it IS Christmas, and miracles always happen around Christmas.
New Year’s Resolutions time! Superhero Girl’s resolutions are very sweet, but unfortunately reality invades. I’m very impressed Superhero Girl’s roommate has been able to put up with her unemployed ass this long. Paying double rent is never cool. Fortunately I’ve never had to deal with a mooching roommate, although I know people who have … I’ve never had a bad roommate ever, actually. I’ve gotten sick of some, fought with some, some have bugged me, but they’ve always paid the rent and respected my privacy, so I can’t complain.
Now I live with my boyfriend, and though I have enjoyed living with roommates in the past, it’s much better to live with your boyfriend. For many, many reasons. 🙂
Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, but living with people is always tricky.

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