Superhero Girl # 18

Bon, c’est pas tout ça mais on est lundi quoi, un lundi férié mais un lundi quand même, alors il faudrait peut-être que je me retire les doigts du Q, sinon je vais rater la séance pour Green Lantern

I watched Lassie as a kid, but I found it really scary. All kidding aside, that Timmy got into some serious peril. I remember at one point being afraid to go in the wood when visiting my grandparents in the American South, because as Lassie taught me, the woods were full of mountain lions ready to pounce, and I had no loyal collie dog to save my wimpy butt.
Really, that show also ruins dogs for children. No real dog is ever as awesome as Lassie. I loved my childhood dog (an Australian Shepard named Maggie) dearly, but we never got to go on adventures like Timmy and Lassie. One of my many disappointments.

Hey, Superhero Girl’s out and about without her mask on! She remembered to take it off. IMPROVEMENT.Don’t you hate it when everyone loves someone you feel ambivalent towards? I always feel like such a jerk.

Ah oui j’allais oublier, Superhero Girl, c’est le webcomic fantastique de Faith Erin Hicks !

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