Star Wars façon Williams III

Il nous l’a dit dans son interview sur ComicsBlog (dont la version anglaise se trouve ici), JH Williams III participe a un livre d’illustration sur Star Wars qui sortira au mois d’octobre et qui s’intitule Star Wars Art: Comics, en voici un premier aperçu, c’est splendide (enfin comme d’habitude).

Some time ago, I was contacted by the book publishing branch of LucasFilm. That they were planning a very special art book based on Star Wars with Abrams Books. This book was going to focus on the art of Star Wars comics, and asked if I’d like to participate, presenting a newer image for them. I was excited to be involved. So I came up with an idea that could feel like a snippet of a comics story, an untold tale, and the page would be like we’re getting to see only one key moment of the story. And this scene would be a widescreen fold out. They liked the idea. I wanted something that was a new character of my creation. I had been told that George was a longtime comics fan. So I also wanted to go for this classic giant monster versus hero idea, like stuff you might see in old Kirby comics, but here it needed to be a mechanical weapon that looked like a creature, giving a sense of story beyond fighting a giant monster. This gives more weight for the snippet of a bigger unseen plot idea. And the scene had to have a strong design sense to it, so it could have a signature look that could be identified with my sensibilities, but still felt like Star Wars when you look at it. I think it was successful. It was a lot of fun to do. The image was done using all simple line and tonal work, then coloring was done using photoshop. The effect I wanted was something that seemed like a meld of line work and paint work, but still had a bit of a graphic punch to it. Here is a preview of the image…

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  1. La même chose pour Star Trek et je banque direct.
    Je n’ai jamais été un grand amateur de Star Wars, mais ça ne doit être vilain à voir.


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