Superhero Girl # 17

Le projet Womanthology est parvenu à rassembler plus de 100.000$ sur Kickcstarter c’est une somme gigantesque, 4 fois plus que ce qui avait été espéré au départ. Renae De Liz doit être aux anges à l’heure qui l’est, je lui dédicace le Superhero Girl de cette semaine.

Heheh. So the Saga of King Ninja was over (for the moment), and my line of thought as I drew this strip was « OH CRAP I leave for New York Comic Con in 12 hours and I have no jeans that don’t have holes in the crotch. Therefor I will quickly slap together a stand alone comic, and get the hell to wherever there are jeans without holes in the crotch and I will purchase them AHHHHHHGH. »

Yeah. It was stressful. But New York was fun, and I did find some new jeans, so it all worked out in the end.
And thus it begins. The Kevin Saga.
I’d like to apologize to all the Kevins out there for sullying your name. There’s no real reason why I choose it whenever I’m going to write a character who’s unlikable and/or a weenie, but it’s become kind of a running thing. Sorry Kevins. You will never be the hero in a story by me. 😦

I just realized this: Kevin is the first character in this comic to have a non-superhero name.

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