Superhero Girl # 16

Est-il possible de démarrer la semaine sans Superhero Girl de Faith Erin Hicks ? Je ne crois pas non…

King Ninja! Kind of a jerk. I mean, there’s supervillainy (taking over the world, that kind of thing) and there’s jerkhood which involves things like tripping old ladies and scribbling obscene drawings in library books, and King Ninja’s just entered jerkhood.
So there’s a couple things I want to discuss, in the hopes all you lovely folks on the internets can help me out. I finished the 50th Superhero Girl comic last week (and the 51st this week), so there’s a good number of SHG comics drawn. I was thinking about self-publishing a book of SHG comics, specifically to take with me to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) in May. I’m not yet sure if I’ll offer the book online for sale. That’s something I think will have to be decided down the road, but I’d really like to put something out for TCAF, because I don’t have anything that’s wholly mine and new to sell there.
I’ve never self-published before. I don’t know what options there are out there, so if anyone knows anything about that, options for printers especially, I’d love to hear them. I’d like to put together a decently sized (the strips are about 3.5 by 6 inches when published, I’d like to maybe have them a little bigger than that), probably perfect (square-bound) book. Any suggestions for printers or print on demand options? I’m pretty lost when it comes to self-publishing, so any help at all would be very appreciated.
There’s also the matter of the comic’s title. DC and Marvel own the trademark to the term « Super heroes, » and if I’m going to sell this book, I potentially might get in trouble with them down the road. I find this trademark thing pretty confusing. I mean, the comic Invincible has the word « Superhero » right on its cover, and there are plenty of non-DC/Marvel superhero comics out there, so there seems to be some leniency over the issue, but I’ve no idea where the line is drawn. It’d be nice if I could just ask the mucky mucks over in mainstream comic land what the deal is, but that’s probably not an option. Seriously, if anyone out there has firsthand knowledge about this issue, I’d love some information as to what’s allowed and what’s not.
ANYWAY. In order to prevent future headaches, I’m throwing the door open to title suggestions for this book. Since I’m not making money off the website, I’m hoping certain trademark holders won’t mind if I keep the webcomic name the same, and publish the book with a different name. If you suggest something that I like, I’ll be happy to draw you a pretty picture or something. 🙂
Okay, this is super-long. To recap: Looking to self-publish some SHG comics, suggestions needed for printing options. Also looking for a non-trademark infringing name. Go wild.

I think the funniest thing about this is that Superhero Girl actually succeeded. She got a wanted criminal off the street, and now he’s reformed and a contributing member of society. Well, one hopes. Considering all the horrible things certain businesses and business people do, maybe King Ninja’s just found a new outlet for his crime. But I choose to think he’s reformed through discovering his love of working in an office. It happens.

Btw, thanks so much for all the helpful opinions on self-publishing Superhero Girl, and also on the copyright issues. I have a few ideas for a title, and a few options for printers, so thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction. You guys are the best!

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