Superhero Girl # 15

Bon, on va essayer de se remettre petit à petit de ses émotions de la San Diego Comic Con, qu’est ce que vous en dites ?

Before anyone points out that it’s a bit unlikely Superhero Girl would forget to take off her mask a second time, let me tell you a few of the things I’ve done in the past couple years. I have: shown up for birthday parties a day early, shown up for speaking engagements a day early, written down the completely wrong date for a speaking engagement, despite being reminded repeatedly of the correct date. Repeatedly while running errands I forget what errands I’m running and run completely different errands before returning home where I remember what the original errand is. And last Sunday, after careful discussion with my boyfriend over what kind of pizza I was going to order for our Superbowl party, I ordered the wrong pizza.
MIND LIKE A SIEVE. I HAS IT. And so does Superhero Girl.
And the weird thing is, nothing seems to help. I write stuff down, I leave things I’m supposed to remember pinned to our apartment door, NOTHING HELPS. I just forget. It’s … BEYOND annoying.

I’m not terribly good at coming up with superhero names. Originally Superhero Girl was going to have an actual superhero name, but I couldn’t think of one. But I think King Ninja is pretty cool. He’s the king of the ninjas! And he’s got a crown!

… yeah.
Superhero Girl c’est le web comic fantastique de Faith Erin Hicks !

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