Superhero Girl # 14

Et si on allait faire un tour prendre des nouvelles de Superhero Girl de Faith Erin Hicks (et oui on est lundi…. Crap)

I think somebody was asking how Superhero Girl gets money for buying things like capes and fancy superhero boots, and now we know. I think the idea of a government-sponsored superhero program is a good idea. It’d mean those with powers could spend time developing them and hopefully build a better society. I mean, when you think about it, there are LOTS of superheroes in the world, and they can’t all be billionaire playboys or reporters with suspiciously lax bosses who don’t mind them mysteriously disappearing in the middle of covering some disaster.

I got a grant to work on comics at the beginning of last year. It was wonderful. I have to hand in a report before March. Fortunately the grant was for working on my next graphic novel, which I finished and will be published in early 2012. Hopefully the grant people will be impressed, and will give me more money down the road (please?).

The city Superhero Girl protects seems to have a ninja infestation… I decided I wanted to do a comic with her punching things, since she hasn’t done that a lot. This was fun to draw.

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