Superhero Girl # 11

En cette semaine qui s’annonce très chaude et mouvementée, profitons d’un calme apparent pour jeter un œil sur les truculentes aventures de Superhero Girl, le comic strip qui a de l’esprit de Faith Erin Hicks.

When I think about someone being a superhero, most of the time it seems like a very thankless job. You see society at its worst, and if you’re doing your job correctly, most of the time people don’t see the feats you perform to keep them safe. I think you’d have to be really selfless to be a superhero; you essentially are in a helping profession, serving your community, and those are the people who get dumped on a lot. But sometimes someone notices what a good job you’ve done, and that keeps you going.
Website stuff: so I’ve fixed up the site a bit to hopefully make it a little nicer for viewing comics. Thanks for all the feedback, and I’ll try and get around to making things a little tidier in the coming weeks. At least the site now feels like a somewhat proper webcomic site, which makes me happy. 🙂
Also, thanks to everyone who’s purchased an original strip lately. For some reason I seem to have lost a couple of strips in the teens (16, 17 and 14), so I can’t sell those, and of course a bunch of people have asked about buying those particular strips. Erk. And I’ve decided to keep this particular strip for myself. But some of the others are still kicking around if someone wants to give them a good home.
Superhero Girl’s relationship with her roommate is a bit odd. The roommate knows Superhero Girl is a superhero, and seems to also have some interest in learning the trade, but … well, you know how it’s sometimes awkward when you live with the people you work with? Yeah, that’s not so fun sometimes. Anyway, Superhero Girl seems to have gone from zero to Crazy Cat Lady in the blink of an eye. Not that I blame her. Cats are adorable and we were put on this earth to cuddle them and be their servants.

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