Superhero Girl # 10

Je suis méga à la bourre ! Je n’ai pas fini d’écrire la Lesbian Geek’s Awesome Week de la semaine dernière (vous l’aurez ce soir promis juré craché), en plus de ça j’ai un mal de tronche de trépané depuis que je me suis levée ce matin… non non non ce n’est pas possible, Superhero Girl parviendra t-elle à sauver mon début de semaine ? Au secours  Superhero Girl ! (Gasp !)

So guess what! Skeptical Guy? Not a supervillain, not Superhero Girl’s Archnemesis. Just a jerk skeptical guy, unwilling to take Superhero Girl’s word that she is indeed a bonafide superhero. Sadly, you meet a lot of people like Skeptical Guy when you’re pursuing, well, anything of worth. Like, y’know, say you want to be an artist! (Well, more a storyteller, but art’s part of the stories you want to tell.) Boy howdy, will you meet a LOT of people along that professional road who are only happy to « constructively critique » everything you draw or write or scribble on a page or whatever, and NOT BELIEVE you when you say you want to be a certain kind of writer/artist/whatever and ACT OFFENDED if you don’t believe their non-belief in your abilities, and that can be pretty horrible. But eventually you realize, hey, those people? They aren’t supervillains standing in the way of what you want (okay, some are, but most aren’t), they’re just annoying Skeptical Guys, and you would totally do something non-heroic to them if you weren’t … completely exhausted … from working an all-nighterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Anyway. Art college can suck it. Yeah.

This particular strip is based on a true story. A coffee shop I was a regular at took exception to me not immediately buying something, and despite recognizing me as a regular, told me I was loitering. So I turned the snotty barista into a snotty comic strip character! Oooh, cartoonist revenge.

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