Superhero Girl # 9

Comme c’est agréable d’avoir un lundi férié ! C’est une manière pour moi de démarrer la semaine en douceur alors que mon week-end s’annonce extrêmement chargé…
The Adventures of Superhero Girl est une création de Faith Erin Hicks.

I think it is ADORABLE you lovely readers thought of this before Superhero Girl did. Oh man you are in such shit now, Skeptical Guy.


My boyfriend summed this comic up perfectly: « You got tired of that plotline, didn’t you? » Yeah, I kinda did. I always start feeling nervous when I’ve gone more than a couple of comics with a narrative, because this comic is going weekly in a newspaper, so I’ve no idea if people are actually following it from week to week. It’s been an exercise in … exercising a different part of my brain to keep the comic somewhat non-narrative. I mean, I want there to be SOME story evolution, but it can’t be a continuing story the way my other comics (until now) have been.

Also: Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to make blogger more comic-browsing friendly. I’m busy right now, but hopefully in the new year I can make this site a little more easy to surf.

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