Superhero Girl # 8

Heureusement que Superhero Girl est là pour sauver notre début de semaine pas vrai ?


So there are a lot of inspirations for this comic, mostly in response to stuff I like or don’t like in comics, superhero or otherwise. This comic came pretty directly from an Astro City story I read back in college where you were following this ordinary office lady as she navigated her way through a city of superheroes. I remember it was the first time I’d seen superheroes from the perspective of someone who wasn’t super, and who was just watching them do their thing. It was nifty.

Website stuff: enough people have commented that they find the blogspot format I’m using unwieldy for reading the comics. I completely understand. I started using this format because it’s very easy for me to update, and I need that (my life is stupid busy). If there are blog designs out there that utilize a more comic reading friendly format (that I can use on blogspot), or if anyone has any suggestions as how to make this blog more comic reading friendly, please let me know in the comments. Appreciate it!

FOOOM is the best word ever.

I think this was the comic where I said to myself, « dude, if I am going to draw this comic, I’m going to DRAW THIS COMIC. » With Superhero Girl it’s always a tug of war between « I have no time for this and I get paid diddly so lets churn this out as fast as possible » and « I like this comic a lot, and I should spend time developing something just for me. » Unfortunately, lack of time usually wins out.

Also, I share a page in the Coast with Mike Holmes, whose comics frequently put mine to shame, so I feel I have to catch up with him sometimes. ^_^ Go here for Mike’s stuff.

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