Superhero Girl #4

On est lundi, il fait beau et on démarre cette semaine sous le signe de la joie et de la bonne humeur (je sais pas pourquoi mais je sens que ça va pas durer) avec deux nouveaux comic-strips de Superhero Girl de Faith Erin Hicks.

First of all, thanks for all the comments left on the last two strips! I appreciate it, guys. It always makes me laugh how the comics I produce that I *dislike* end up being preferred by readers… art’s funny that way: you’re your own worst judge of your work. ^^;;
Anyway, the above strip came out of me trying to figure out how to integrate Superhero Girl into regular life, which was especially difficult as I felt she should (almost) always wear her mask. Forgetting to take one’s mask off when one is maintaining a civilian identity is a comedy goldmine that I enjoy referring to when I have creeping deadlines and my wrist hurts from drawing. 🙂

And we find out what superpowers Superhero Girl has. They’re pretty standard. I like how
Skeptical Guy is really not impressed. Lifting heavy objects, leaping over tall buildings? Boo-ring.

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